Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dawn in Jakarta - The Peace from Indonesia to IYA 2009

As a project of Dawn of IYA 2009, Jakarta Amateur Astronomers Association (or HAAJ) invited several amateur astronomy communities in jakarta to do the sun observation together in the new year 2009 started at 12.00 noon. The communities that were Participated in this activity are:

1. "SIRIUS" Astronomy Club, State of Senior High School 89 (SMAN 89), East Jakarta.
2. "POLARIS" Astronomy Club, State of Senior High School 38 (SMAN 38),South Jakarta.
4. Science Club, State of Senior High School 25 (SMAN 25), Central Jakarta
3. Forum of Scientist Teenagers (FOSCA).

Since this Activity was held during the school holiday, we could not send formal invitation to the other network of amateur astronomy communities. And also, Because The Public Holiday, The Jakarta Planetarium & Observatory was close. Even with the constraints on participants, observation instrument and weather, this activity went well.

Here are the fotograph of this event:

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