Sunday, 4 January 2009

Southeastern Wisconsin, USA

We were going to have solar observing at Bayshore Town Center in the northern Milwaukee suburb of Glendale, but skies were overcast and it was lightly snowing! Since we were unable to secure an indoor alternative site ahead of time, we had to cancel the event. For 100HA, we'll be sure to have the indoor site reserved in case of inclement weather.

The Dawn of IYA2009 did have a very special meaning for at least one person in the area. We had a good friend from Minnesota stay with us over the holiday, and on New Year's morning she had a gift waiting for her -- an Orion XT 4.5 Dobsonian telescope. Her very own first telescope! That night it was clear enough to catch the Moon for a short while, which she never saw through a telescope before. She is excited to take the scope back with her and go stargazing with her young nephew, who always wanted a telescope, so in a small way the spirit of the Dawn of IYA2009 was fulfilled.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't manage to have your "Dawn" activity, but (unfortunately) we can't control the weather...

    But your last phrase is right. That is exactly the spirit of the IYA2009. So I'd say what you did was a success, regardless of whether you saw the Sun or not.

    Clear skyes

  2. That is a great gift. I wish your friend and her nephew many,many lovely hours of viewing the night skies together.That picture totally captures the reason astronomy is such a wonderful activity which can help bring the world together.:)


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