Monday, 19 January 2009

"Dwan" in Iraq - impacts on the media

Sorry for not sharing this earlier, but the work flow from my "day job" has suffered a bit with coordinating "Dawn", and I'm playing "catch-up".

Azhy Hasan, from the Iraqi Kurdistan sent me this:

"Issue #3064 (Jan.07.2009) of Khabat Daily Newspaper on Erbil put the photo of (Farid) the smallest Iraqi kid whom looked at the Sun on Jan,01.2009, also a photo of the blog of DAWN in the left upper side.

Issue #492 (Jan.13.2009) of the (Region Weekly Magazine) also published a news on the File of Science about DAWN in Iraq, under the title "The DAWN of IYA2009 Launched on Iraqi Kurdistan Region", with a nice photo of amateur astronomers
and sidewalk people waiting for their turn to observe the Sun P.S.T. Coronado.

Still there were more impacts of that 1st wonderful IYA2009's activity of DAWN.
There was a 50 minutes live radio meeting with Azhy Hasan, the president of Amateur Astronomers Assosiation of Kurdistan-Iraq, on Jan.11.2009, in Jehan FM Radio. It was really a great chance to explain the whole IYA2009 and especially "DAWN of IYA2009" and "100 Hours of Astronomy", and the world wide participatation on these events."

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