Thursday, 22 January 2009

Measuring the shadow, from South Africa

Who says science and religion don't mix?

Here is a report from Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim, from Cape Town:

"There was a very small turnout – about 22 persons. We observed the sun per filters. As the majority of the attendees were of the Muslim faith I explained the shadow of a stick and we made various measurements for approximately 2 hours. Muslims use shadows and upper atmosphere light to compile their daily compulsory prayer times."

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  1. Like I told Dr. Ebrahim by e-mail, I totally disagree with the statement "smal turnout - around 22 persons".

    The point of this activity (and the IYA2009) is that no turnout is too small.

    Look at Paul Moss in New Zealand and Paulo Sanches in Portugal. The "crowd" was their own families, they had a blast and the kids learned something!

    That's what we're all about. Even if we affect one person, it's worth it.


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