Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sunny "Dawn" in Nepal

Jayanta Acharya, the Chair of International Year of Astronomy 2009 in Nepal send these nice photos:

Venue: Takshashila Academy, Bishalnagar
Time: Noon to 2 PM


  1. Its really nice to have such events.I was also there to witness the event as we failed to aorganise our own program due to lack of filters.We didn't get filters so we could not organise the event.
    Suresh Bhattarai,
    Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO)

  2. Astronomy awareness in Nepal is very poor. There are very little materials in the school curriculum. I myself felt such things in my school education. Although I am a Computer Engineer, I am very much interested in astronomy. Being an astronomy buff, I was there to interact with the pupils there in the "Sun watching program" at Takshashila Academy (TSA),Bishal Nagar, Kathmandu at 1st Jan 2009. I have explained the wonders of astronomy to the children. I have interacted with the TSA teachers about the astronomy.

    Samanta Acharya
    email: samach[at]

  3. It is good to find first dawn events organised in Nepal. Photographs if were supported with writings would have been best .
    Rijendra Thapa,
    Founder member of NASO


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