Monday, 5 January 2009

"Dawn" in Porto, Portugal

I just realized I'm guilty of the same fault as most other participants. I also haven't properly described the activity in Porto, so here it goes:

Has I posted before,the skies in Porto where cloudy, and it even rained later in the afternoon, so we couldn't observe the Sun directly.

We started around 14h00 (2 p.m.), with a live interview in the national TV channel (RTP), to the news leader at lunch time, "Jornal da Tarde" (check at 04:07 minutes in the video). The bearded guy being interviewed is me, so you now know what the annoying guy that keeps sending you "Dawn" e-mails looks like.

Later in the day we also had the visit of a regional TV Channel, "Porto Canal". Other references where made in the portuguese news agency "Lusa" the 2 most read daily newspapers, "Público" and "Jornal de Notícias".

Over the next 4 hours (we finished after sunset), we got around 100 visitors, which is pretty good, considering we where "watching the Sun" on a rainy day.

We had the debut of our next Planetarium show, called "The Sun: Diary of a Star". We intended to have only 2 presentations, but by popular demand we ended up doing 4. The crowed seem pleased with the result.

Among younger children, the sundials where without a doubt the favorite (and among some of the parents). We had both equatorial and horizontal cut-out sundials, of our own design. These were corrected for Portugal's latitude and longitude, but you can donwload the "international" equatorial sundial in "Dawn's" resources webpage.

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