Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dawn reports from Vadodara,India

Dawn of IYA2009 in vadodara was very successful, in terms of all areas from Press coverage to people attraction and reaching to people. major Gujarati news paper publish press-note of DAWN on 1st January, all local media telecast News in evening and again major newspaper publish Report on next day after event.

We have arrange 2 telescoe at 2 places of Vadodara.

1. at our Regular meeting place Balbhavan of Vadodara. 5inch Reflector telescope without filter on Projection sheet we shaw sun to students. (today we also launch our prime project "hamari hi mutthi me Aakash sara - reaching to unreached" showing and teaching astronomy to those who still unexplored, about 35 physically and mentally disable students see the sun through Scope, it was quite exiting for them when i ask few of them did you know what is this white Ball ?? they says "DADA-suraj dada" it is quit fascinating for them too see telescope and to look at screen..i also learn that it is very difficult to teach them still i love it. and hope we get surely good success in our project. Gujarat Samachar of Vadodara edition publish image of this on next day.)

team members at place :Myself (bhargav) on scope, Lekhraj on Screen,Prakash at PPT and sundial. timings 9:45 AM to 12:10 NOON.

2. 2nd place is Faculty of Science of MS university , we placed our 5 inch reflector with filter at entry gate of faculty of Science and near H.M Library so students of all stream can benifit to watch sun.about 300 students watch sun through scope we have announced time from 10 to 12, but we have to extend it till 2PM.

team members at Place : Mansi at Scope, Riddhi at sundial, Sreejit at PPT. Mehul and Rakesh with students to explain physics funda (just to avoid big rush and que) later on at 12:30 we three people from place 1 join place 2 till 2 PM.

timing:10:15AM to 2:00 PM

apart of showing sun through scope, simultaneously we have arrange ppt presentation on Sun , it's structure and phenomenons on sun at both place. also make small 15CM dia sundial and teach them concept of Sundial. all in all Good Successful Event.

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    I am Hiren Antani from Gujarat Samachar , Vadodara. We always encourage news regarding astronomical events. Please, feel free to contact me whenever you need so. our email id. is My mobile number is 99131 77222


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