Thursday, 1 January 2009

Dawn in Derby Kansas

Well I did stay up all night getting ready for the event and writing a research paper. but in that time I was able to make a very nice sundial and an amazingly cool Spectra Scope. I decorated the box with the IYA US poster and my clubs logo with the spectral colors and everybody thought it looked great! So lets talk really quick about the event. I wasn't expecting many people to show up (Due to the fact most were drinking the night before) but I had a turn-out of 10 people looking through the scope and 17 people watching the Solar Max DVD i put on my laptop. They loved seeing how the sun was this bright red round "blob". Then I had this one very interested person who loved seeing the Solar Flare on the Top left hand side of the view in the PST. I also had this one little girl who didn't want to come out and look but her grandpa did, well it turned out the little girl looked first and kept on looking for about 10min! she even told her grandpa to leave her there for the Day! Well i think it went very nicely. Not to many people but enough. I gave away two CD's and a poster. Well I started to set up at 9:54 and started observing at 10:08 and then ended at 12:54. Then I would also like to apologize, because I could not post any pictures. (every time I would upload a picture it would take 10 min and then say the connection was terminated) I will try to post using the FTP sever. Thanks for reading,
Elias Jordan

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