Sunday, 4 January 2009

Where are you?

I'm a bit disappointed (and surprised) by the low number of posts so far.

We have 30 countries registered, with more than 100 activities. So where is the rest? Are you still catching up from the lack of sleep on New Year's day?

If you haven't done so already, please, please, please post.

Even if you don't have any photos/videos to post, post a brief description of your activity anyway. How it went, roughly how many people visited you and so on... We are all eager to know how it worked out in you part of the world.

We want to ear from you, whether you are from the Middle East (thanks for the posts from both our Iranian and Iraqi friends), Asia (the smile of that little Nepalese girl is worth a billion euro) South America (obrigado Florianópolis), or Oceania (nice sunrise New Zealand).

Where are the rest of our friends from USA, India and Brazil?

Your reports are important for us in the International Year of Astronomy 2009, because they help us to know what worked and what went wrong, so we know what to repeat and what not to do again.

By the way, I know some of you already know about this, but I personally invite every one from the "Dawn" family to register in the IYA2009 Cornerstone project, 100 hours of Astronomy. Please check it out.

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