Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cluster Oaks Drive - Humble, TX, USA

My objective was to introduce folks on my street to the IYA by setting up the telescope to look at the sun. We were ready a little before noon (local time), skies were clear, and curious neighbors began to emerge from their homes. We were prepared to go all afternoon. The Sun was there, in the eyepiece, still no clouds, but alas, no sunspots either. We had some good discussions about the sun, the sunspot cycle, the IYA, and the new, soon to open observatory. Sadly, by 1 PM, the clouds moved in and we were totally overcast for the rest of the day. So brief, but we got the IYA off to a good start. We had 13 visitors ranging from elementary school children to adults. - Aaron Clevenson

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  1. I can't thank enough people like you and Tavi Greiner. You really get the spirit of the IYA2009 (and "Dawn").

    You don't need a huge crowd in every single place. That's just not possible! But I bet many of your neighbors were able to see something they never saw before, and that's our goal right there.


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