Saturday, 3 January 2009

Dawn in Qeshm Island, Iran

StarPeace team starts its astronomy activities during International Year of Astronomy with Dawn of IYA2009.
The team was celebrating the first day of IYA in Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf, south of Iran. There were three telescopes with solar filters and some sunglasses.

We put the telescopes in the sidewalk and invite passengers to take a look at their mother star by telescopes or sunglasses.

People were so interested. For some of them it was the first time they see a telescope. We gave them a gift too: a special issue of one of the most popular Iranian newspapers, Jam-e-Jam newspaper, which published a special issue for welcoming International Year of Astronomy.

We showed the Sun to the public and talked about our star, the Sun for them. Watching their mother star by naked-eyes through sunglasses prepared by StarPeace team brought joy and excitement to Qeshm people. But most of the people asked why there is nothing, no spots, on the Sun!
Here is more photos from that day:
Report and photos by Irene Shivaei and Mohammad Javad Torabi


  1. hi!

    happy new year! the international year of astronomy!

    I'm iranian,i live in tehran,i'm so happy that you've done this important activity in the begining of this year,i hope we can see such this activities more in other cities in iran,specialy in tehran


  2. Dear Pariya,

    We have a lot of same programs in Tehran too. check Astronomy Society of Iran, Amateur Committee website:
    Also this link is ASI website for IYA2009:
    But StarPeace Project ( is mainly operating such programs in border towns of Iran.

    Thanks for your nice comment :)


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